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March 3, 2013
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"Excuse me, _______ -san, but what are you rooking at?” a quiet Asian voice whispered beside you. You jumped, surprised by the sudden voice. You quickly closed the window that you were searching on.

“Ah, Kiku! What are you doing here?” you laughed.

“I was searching for seh anime the schoor just got in,” he grinned, tilting his head so that his dark hair fell to one side. “So, pardon me for asking, but was sat the Red String of Faith myth that you were rooking at?”

Your face flushed a tad bit pinker. “Uhm, yes, it was.”

“I sought so. You know, sat is very popurar in my country. Do you berieve in it, ______?” Kiku asked, looking into your (e/c) eyes. You knew that look well. That was the one where he scrutinized every detail of your face, read the mood, and could tell when you were lying.

You looked down, gazing at the black keyboard in front of you. “Well, I think it’s interesting…” you said, your (h/c) hair falling into your face.

“Ah. Ret me guess, prease. You are searching this because you want to see if you wourd be connected to someone,” he stated plainly.

In a way, he was right. The thought of being connected to someone by Fate fascinated you. So the whole myth of a red string unseen by the naked eye attaching you to a special someone was something that you believed in. You wished that you could glimpse the thread to find who you would be paired up with, especially because of your major crush on Arthur Kirkland.

You glanced back up at him. His normally dull brown eyes had taken on an ungodly light to them.

“Kiku... Why do you care?” you said, studying him.

“If I am right… Arthur-san also knows of sis myth. I must go now. Excuse me, ______ -san.” The Japanese boy bowed to you and hurried off, shuffling through the stacks of shelves in the nearly-empty library. You sighed and logged off of the computer. Lunch was nearly over anyways.

You got up, stretched, and grabbed your bag. You began to get worried if Kiku had noticed your attraction to Arthur, the English man at school. You were good friends with the Brit, but were sure he did not think of you the way you thought of him. After all, he had declared once, “I could never love an American woman. They remind me too much of Alfred.”

Alfred was another American at this mixed countries school. He was a loud mouth, obnoxious guy, but he was sweet. Besides, Arthur shouldn’t stereotype people, you thought as you walked lazily out of the library and to your locker.

The bell went off as you reached your destination. You sighed again and shook off your worries. Kiku would never bother you like that.

You noticed Arthur down the hall as you took off. Waving at him, you quickly shot a glance at his figure. He waved back and turned away from you. Arthur had been doing that a lot lately. Acknowledging you when it was necessary and not at any other time. You missed the times when you and him could talk without anything be wrong. That honestly hurt your heart. Nobody else knew this, you were sure, but you absolutely loved Arthur. This ignorance killed you inside a little more each day. Things change, you thought dejectedly.

~.~.~.~ The Next Day ~.~.~.~.~

Alfred approached you during your fourth period class, History. “Dude, like, totally check this out!” he boomed as he had handed a folded piece of paper.

“Al-righty then,” you answered, taking the note. “Thanks Al! But what is this?”

“You’ll see, dude!” he smiled, skipping on off back to his desk. You grinned, shaking your head. “Oh, Al,” you muttered.

You unfolded the note. You were surprised at the basic information telling you to go to Kiku’s locker during lunch, which was your next class. You didn’t recognize the handwriting.

That’s a little weird, you thought. Nonetheless, your sense of curiosity was piqued. By the time the bell rang, you were practically jumping out of your seat with suspense.

You walked through the crowd, pushing yourself through the throngs of people to get to Kiku’s locker. By the time you finally reached it, the minute bell had rung off, leaving the majority of the hall empty as the others had already gone to their classes or lunch. You noticed Kiku rummaging through his locker.

“Hi Kiku!” you greeted him. He jumped and turned to face you.

“Ah, herro _____-san!” he said. Although his greeting was platonic, there was something jerky in his movements that made you suspicious.

“So why am I here? I got a note telling me to be by your locker,” you said.

“Hai. You wirr see soon. But prease crose your eyes now,” he responded, looking at you intently.

“Fine. I won’t get hurt or anything, will I?” you asked, smoothing out your uniform blouse.

“Of course not!” Kiku scoffed. You closed your eyes.

“No peeking!” the Japanese boy ordered. You rolled your eyes behind closed lids.

You could feel something being done to your hand, but true to your word you didn’t peek. You bopped back from one foot to another as Kiku did whatever he was doing. You must have had your eyes closed for at least a minute.

“Open!” he commanded, and you opened your eyes and peeked down at your hand. You gasped. There, tied on the little finger, was a red string.

“Kiku?” you asked, glancing at him. He shook his head slowly.

“No questions. Forrow seh string.” You followed his directions, butterflies growing in your stomach. “What’s going on?” you murmured to yourself. The string wound around lockers and corners. You were transfixed by the tiny path that it was forming, wondering what was on the other end.

Not paying any attention, you bumped abruptly into someone. You fell forward onto whoever you had just tripped over, landing squarely on their chest.

“Awh, jeez. I’m sorry,” you muttered, pulling yourself up into a push-up position. When you noticed who you were on top of, you felt your ears and cheeks heat up, probably turning a furious pink. “A-Arthur?”

The Brit looked up at you. His eyes were so brilliantly green… “No problem, love,” he replied, turning away from you. You thought you caught a hint of red dusting his cheeks.

You rolled off of him, lying beside him on the tiled floor. “I should have noticed where I was going,” you said, lifting up your hand and looking at the red string around your finger. “This thing distracted me.”

Arthur was quiet, and you turned to face him. He was still not acknowledging you, his blonde, shaggy hair covering his eyes and eyebrows. Great, you thought, now he won’t even talk to me.

You groaned and sat up, rubbing your face into your hands. This wasn’t going anywhere. “Well, I’m gonna go now,” you whispered. Standing up, you brushed yourself off and walked back in the direction that you were originally heading.

How embarrassing that he couldn’t even speak to you. You had known Arthur since you were eight, and now he couldn’t even talk about the memories you had made together. As you walked on, you felt something tugging you back. You looked at your hand and noticed that the string was being plucked on.

Confused, you back-tracked to where you had crashed into Arthur. As you rounded the corner, you saw the British boy was standing up now, brushing off his school uniform. He looked incredibly flustered. For the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why. Then you noticed his hand.

There was a string tied around the little finger.

Your face turned as red as the string. You had no idea what to do now. So you stood there and waited. Arthur seemed to notice this.

“C-could you come here, _____?” he asked, still not making eye contact. You approached him slowly. “Did you get a note as well?” You nodded, your (h/c) hair shaking into your face.

“Huh. That explains it,” Arthur grimaced. You looked up at him. You were getting tired of this game. You reached up and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at you.

“Why haven’t you been talking to me?” you demanded. “What’s changed?” He looked away, swallowing hard. He may have been taller, but that didn’t deter you. You jerked his chin so that he had to look at you again. “Answer me! Everything was fine before! What’s different now?!” Tears were forming in your eyes.

“A-a lot has changed,” he whispered.

“So much that you have to act like a jerk every time I see you?” you yelled. Those tears were now threatening to spill.

“I don’t mean to hurt you, love,” he murmured, looking at you with those emerald eyes of his. The thick brows on top only added to his expression. A tear finally spilled out, trailing down your cheek. Arthur, finally seeming to care a little, raised his hand and gently wiped the tear away with his thumb. You dropped your hand from his chin. “Just tell me what’s different,” you cried.

“It’s just—I- I love you, ______. I never noticed how beautiful you were until now. It made me nervous, wanting to talk to you. I didn’t think you felt the same way… so I decided to put distance between us.” To his surprise, you began crying harder. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sounding concerned.

Through your blurry eyes, you answered, “That’s all I’ve wanted to hear from you, Arthur. I- I love you as well.”

The British man pulled you close, embracing you into his chest. He rubbed your back, gently telling you to stop crying, muttering sweet nothings. This made you extremely happy. You hugged him back, burying your face into the crook of his neck. You stopped crying.

You realized something, though. “A-Arthur?” You pulled away.

“Yes, love?” he asked.

“When you said you would never date an American girl…”
“Didn’t mean a word of that. You understand, right?”

Instead of answering, you grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his mouth to meet yours. At first, you could tell he was surprised. But he closed his eyes and kissed you back softly. That kiss was full of promises. It may have lasted longer, but a noise from around the corner distracted the both of you.

Kiku was standing there, holding a camera, snapping a picture. America was standing beside him, looking like a girl does at a puppy store.

“_______! You totally conquered Mr. Brows over here! It’s all because of the hero this worked out!” he yelled, flailing his arms and giving you a big thumbs- up. You grinned at him, while Arthur yelled, “What are you talking about, you bloody wanker?!”

“I berieve Alfred-san is telling seh truth. I have pictures,” Kiku piped up. Everyone looked at him for a moment, saying nothing.

Arthur pulled you closer to him once again. “Well, then, I’m going to have to agree with you blokes. She’s won me over.” He said, holding up his hand with the red string. “And, for once, Alfred, that was a good plan.” You nodded in agreement. You had suspected that Alfred and Kiku had set this up. “Thanks guys!”

You grinned up at Arthur as he looked down at you. You heard another camera snap. Both you and Arthur glared in Kiku’s direction.

“I aporogize. This is just too good,” Kiku responded, that ungodly gleam back in his eyes. Everybody laughed, the sound bouncing through the empty hall.
EDIT: Woah woah woah!!! 1,000+ views?! Over 130 Favorites?! Ohmigoodness thank you so much! :iconletmehugyouplz: *clears throat* Now carry on, dear reader! ^^

I've had the idea for this for a while. Wouldn't this be so cute to have happen to you in real life?! :iconblushplz:
Anyways, this took waaaaaay to long to upload. Without further ado, enjoy! ^^
You belong to :iconcuteenglandplz:
And I don't own Hetalia!
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I'm from Japan....Obviously you don't know me Arthur I'm leaving you for Lovino.
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Not all Japanese think that but most do.
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